On the last week of January, Twelvesec hosted Corelan Consulting‘s Advanced Exploitation Training. The intensive 4-day cybersecurity training covered advanced exploit development techniques presented by Peter Van Eeckhoutte. The course focused on windows heap management, spraying, and exploitation (UAF, Heap Overflows, Type Confusion, Double Free, Uninitialized memory, etc), and also included an intro to x64 stack.

We were more than happy to welcome pentesters and researchers from around the world to our offices in Athens. All involved were informed about important issues on exploit development, while aside from the course, we exchanged opinions on the new trends of Cyber Security field. Several TwelveSec team members participated on this hands-on training, learning the latest secrets of exploit development that significantly enhances their exploitation skill set.

Overall, it was a blast, as it usually is when you have to deal with professionals who know what they are talking about. So, I want to take this opportunity and on behalf of everyone here in TwelveSec thank Peter and his associates at Corelan. Believe us when we say that we look forward to future collaborations.

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