Helping you design with security in mind

In the past security was an afterthought when designing a new software. With everything connected on the internet nowadays, security can no longer be a supporting act. It is vital for the security of an application to be incorporated from the early stages of the design cycle.

There are also organisations like OWASP that provide certifications regarding not only the security of a certain application but also certifications that verify the security processes that a firm has installed during the design cycle in general.


Software Development

It is during the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that TwelveSec’s consultants can be embedded to the software development team allowing the early mitigation of any security risks ensuring the products’ least possible exposure to future threats.

Our consultants can assist the development team in all of the six SDLC phases. From step one, during the planning phase where our experts can assist the lead project architects to choose the appropriate software technologies to be used according to the security needs of the project; to the bitter end, during the retirement phase where our consultants can handle the project’s sensitive data ensuring that security requirements and policies are enforced.

We can provide solutions for every phase, we will partner up with your team and help in every step on the way, and most importantly we will treat your software as it was our own. Do you agile you say? Continuous Deployments or Continuous Integration? No problem. We will form our processes according to your SDLC methodology, so that your team can continue to do business as usual without feeling the overhead of security.