A few days ago, we posted an article about hacker inspired Video Games. Since we don’t want to seem that we are playing favourites within the coding community here is a list of five Video Games with programming as their core characteristic.

So, without further ado here are the Games.

A puzzle game that asks from you to built machines and then programming them.

The magic to Opus Magnum is that it constantly makes you challenge yourself. After you complete the appointed task, a histogram showing where your ratings lie across all players appears.

If you are competitive as a person, we guaranty that you will spend quite a few hours trying to optimise your creation.

Human Resource Machine is basically an introduction to programming. It is in our opinion the best way to explain to your non tech savvy friends and family about basic coding.

The game is a good lesson on programming in a procedural language with Fibonacci sequences and zero-terminated strings thrown in the mix for good measure.


Have you ever wanted to talk to your cat, or any cat for that matter? If you answered yes to previous question like any normal human being, then let me talk to you about neural networks and machine learning. Confused?

While True: learn() will have you putting together neural networks using actual machine learning techniques in order to create the first cat to human translation software. Enjoy.



The marketing catch phrase for this game it cannot possibly be more descriptive of the final product.

In SHENZEN I/O you are tasked to build various circuits and to write code in a compact but powerful assembly language. In order to do all that you quite need to read the manual included with the game.

SHENZHEN I/O caters to the needs of the hard-core audience.

Before some of you start complaining that Baba is You is not a programming game, let us inform you that we know. But before you judge us please hear us out.

We know that in the strict definition of the term Baba Is You cannot be characterised as a programming game, but if you take into consideration the way of thinking that the game requires from the player in order to solve the puzzles, Baba is You is a programming game through and through.

Especially you naysayers give it a try and we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised.

With this another list of things to go while at home comes to an end. All of the above can keep your brain well occupied while quarantining.

We are happy to keep suggesting activities while this pandemic is still threatening our health and well-being.

So, please stay home and stay safe.


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