When Sir Isaac Newton was in the university, the bubonic plague came around. Thus, he was
forced to stay in self-isolation in his dorm for a very big period of time. This was the time that he
came up with most of his big breakthroughs! When you are confined between four walls, your
mind is deprived from the world’s stimulus; Thus, it tries to create new ones by getting to

We should ourselves try to follow this approach and use the time we stay at home in order to do
creative things with our minds. Now is the time to read those books you had on your ToRead list,
to learn that new language you never had time to really master (GO here I come), to build this
app that may create your new startup or finally create an exploit for that internet explorer use-
after-free vulnerability (good luck with that).

BUT, in the meantime, we should be aware that black hats have also extra time in their hands
and maybe our defenses were for a long time in their ToHack list. So, if we can, and without
exposing ourselves to others (hint: VPN), we should all stay vigilant and extra careful these

Stay home, stay (cyber)safe!

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