This recent Covid-19 pandemic already has affected the lives of everyone in this planet. And for most of us the only effects it had was either social or financial. While we understand that both of those aspects of our lives are quite important, it is nothing compared to the people that were unlucky enough to get infected and had to seek medical assistance in a hospital. And it is the people working in hospitals from doctors to janitorial staff that are fighting the good fight globally to prevent unneeded loss of life.

So, in order to help health care centres to focus as much as possible into treating patients our friends at Sweepatic came up with a fantastic offer. They are giving free licences of their cybersecurity platform to every hospital until 30/09/2020. The platform will help hospital staff to map, monitor, and manage their attack surface 24/7 to make their organisation more cyber resilient.

If your organisation is based in Greece and you want to take advantage of this offer contact us and we will provide you all the information you need to reinforce your health care facility’s cyber walls.

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