We did a list of books about hacking, so what comes next?

For those of you that said, films, yeah you guessed right.

So, continuing in our quest to provide you with things to do while at home here is the list of five movies about hacking that we think are a fun way to spend a couple of hours.



A classic movie, where a teenage hacker almost brings World War III.

AKA, why cybersecurity is important.



Yes, we know that it is not a realistic representation, far from it to be honest.

But come on you have to admit that this movie is fun. One of our guilty pleasures.



Another hacking related film full of plot holes, again we know. But as renowned critic Roger Ebert put it “Firewall” is an ingenious attempt to update an old plot with new technology, and it is made with competence, skilful acting, and the ability to make us feel cleverer about digital stuff than we really are.”, and who are we to say otherwise?



A movie about the life of Kevin Mitnick.

Do we really need to say more?


Zero Days

We will close this list with a reality check. Zero Days is a documentary about Stuxnet. For those of you that you don’t know what that is, Stuxnet is a weaponised malware. The problem is that it was not only used to affect its intended target.


Another list in this series of posts that we hope it helps with the social distancing that we have to endure these days.

Stay strong, stay safe, and please stay at home.

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