Smart people realise that they don’t know everything. Smarter people can identify the people that can help them know more. This exactly what we did! Here at TwelveSec we want our people to possess cutting edge knowledge, to be 100% honest if we want to remain competitive in the Cyber Security field, we don’t really have a choice on the matter.

Here is where Peter Van Eeckhoutte and his team at Corelan come into the picture. Peter is one of, if not the, leading figure on win32 exploit development training. Together with his team, he has developed and published numerous tools that will assist pen-testers and exploit developers, and published whitepapers and videos on a wide range of IT security related topics. He has trained security enthusiasts and professionals from private companies, government agencies, and the military.

So, in our constant quest of being counted amongst the best in the ICT field, we want, nay need to learn from the best. So, to cut a long story short, at the 27th of January 2020 we will be hosting Peter and his Corelan team for a four-day seminar that will take place in Athens.

But why should you care I hear you ask.

TwelveSec believes that by supporting the IT community every way we can, it generates good karma, if nothing else. This being the case we decided to make the seminar open for everyone who wants to attend.

If you want to join us in learning by the best you can join us.

For more information click here.

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