We are in the happy position to announce our partnership with Integrity.

Integrity delivers worldwide innovative Risk and Compliance Solutions to enable clients to limit cyber risk exposure through cost-effective prevention.

What brought our companies together is the shared passion of providing outstanding services to our clients and our constant drive to alway exceed expectations rather than just meeting them.

Going forward in unison we will be offering to the Greek market cutting edge GRC security solutions, and more precisely the innovative IntegrityGRC platform.

IntegrityGRC is a platform that enables organisations of every size to manage their processes, risk and compliance in a structured and efficient way.

IntegrityGRC covers a wide range of business activities like Document Management, Risk Assessment & Treatment, Compliance Board & Indicators, Peer Assessment, and Workflows & Activities. It is the ideal solution to reduce the workload of an already overworked management team.

A versatile solution for the postmodern era, you can use IntegrityGRC for ISO 27001 Management, Third Party Risk Management, GDPR Compliance, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, and others.

You can get more detailed information for Integrity at www.integrity.pt.

For a more detailed presentation of IntegrityGRC please visit www.integritygrc.com

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