TwelveSec Team, always committed in Cyber Defense (aka Blue Teaming), developed the “Panic Button” application, a tool that helps you deal successfully with ransomware attacks. This tool has been created by Yiannis Koukouras and Panos Papantoniou and is being offered for free, with its full source code, on our github page.

About the “Panic Button”

The Panic Button is a windows application aiming to mitigate the Cyber risks from Ransomware attacks. When Ransomware hits your computer it uses encryption keys to encrypt your data. These keys can be found in your RAM memory after your computer has been attacked. They are immediately sent over to the criminals and are completely lost for you when your computer shuts down.

If you suspect that a ransomware is running on your computer, then you can hit the Panic Button! The application will copy all of your memory including the encryption keys of the ransomware to a file and automatically hibernate your system. Then, hopefully, a computer forensics team can find the encryption keys and decrypt all your files.

We recommend installing this program and executing a dry run, before you are affected…  🙂

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