Be pro-active

Prevent rather than respond. It is a no brainer that preventing any problem from ever occurring is far more preferable than dealing with the outcome. The same principle is applicable to cyber security.

Training the staff of an organisation can stop a malicious user from gaining access to your systems. TwelveSec offers the following training programmes aiming to cover the personnel needs for every level of your organisation.

Always remember your security is as strong as your weakest link.

Provide all your employees, including developers, administrators and security personnel, with the right training

Secure Software Design / Development

Instil security principles to developers
Give us a sec and we’ll let you know.

Training for detailed approaches on securing your software and your SDLC

Security for IT

Keep your first line of defence up to date

Technical security training for your IT experts

Digital Forensics Training / Workshop

CSI got nothing on us

Hands-on training on how to identify forensic evidence in digital storage

Security for Everybody

And when we say everybody, we mean everybody…even Mary from Accounting

Advisory and training for a general awareness on the security topics

ISMS Implementation

DIY ISMS, learn how to do it

Training on how to proceed and develop your own Information Security Management System

Service Management System Implementation

Add compliance to your everyday lexicon.

Training on how to develop management systems for your services according to industry best practices

Live Hacking Awareness

Seeing is believing! Our consultants present real life scenarios to increase awareness.

Security awareness training aiming to illustrate hacking impact in an individual/organisation

Penetration Testing Web/Mobile/IT

Because you can never know enough

Technical training on security and ethical hacking. Offered in three Tiers